About Us

All living beings are worthy of our care.
We are committed to addressing issues that affect animals and humans collectively.

Join Hands is guided by a philosophy that animals, humans and the environment are interconnected and interdependent. One cannot flourish at the expense of another. They exist in a state of unity with one another.


We facilitate international communities working together to empower local citizens to improve the quality of life of their animals and people.


All living beings are treated with dignity, kindness and compassion.

Our Values

At Join Hands, we believe that all living beings that inhabit this world are a global community.

We are all interconnected and have value. The suffering of one impacts us all. The triumph of one impacts us all.

Through kindness, care and compassion for all humans, animals and the environment we can elevate our local and global communities and contribute to the sustainability of our living world.



There are billions of people in the world, each with intrinsic worth and dignity. Yet, millions live in poverty, without access to education, food, shelter or basic health care. Sadly, a large number of these people are children.

Through our collective efforts, each of us has the ability to make a difference in the lives of those who need help, contributing to the betterment of humanity.



Animals are fellow sentient beings who exist in this world alongside us. Their lives have value and they are deserving of care and protection. However, millions of animals suffer every day in the name of food, entertainment, fashion, research, or personal pleasure.

They have no voice to speak for themselves. We must use our voices to speak for them and to uphold their rights to a life that is dignified and free from suffering.



Both humans and animals rely on the environment and its resources for our livelihood and survival. The detrimental effects of issues such as climate change, pollution, overpopulation, deforestation and the depletion of natural resources are drastically affecting the sustainability of our planet.

Each of us has the capacity to address these global concerns, and it is our collective efforts that will ensure the sustainability of our health, our world’s diversity and conservation.



The diversity that expanses across all living things in our world is a tribute to the beauty and value of all our differences, and a limitless indication of our interconnectedness. Humanity is made up of a multitude of races, creeds, ages, abilities, languages and socio-economic backgrounds. Each individual is unique and an important part of our global community.

Every year we discover new species of animals that inhabit this world with us, demonstrating the immensity of the animal kingdom limited only by our knowledge and awareness of it. They dwell across vast and varied landscapes, in the depths of oceans and rivers, and high among the trees and mountaintops. Even our environment exhibits an abundance of variety, from forests to oceans, deserts to grasslands, coral reefs to tundra. Hundreds of thousands of plants species, plentiful climates and multitudes of crops and natural resources are just some of the environmental factors influencing our daily lives.

Through awareness, compassion and action, we can each play a part in the celebration and survival of our fellow beings.

Our Team

Sabrina Sehbai

Founder & Director

Mehwish Jillani

Pakistan Projects Coordinator

Through kindness, empathy and compassion for all humans, animals and the environment we can elevate our local and global communities and contribute to the sustainability of our living world.